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The Change Makers ( Grantee Name : Khwendo Kor (KK) )

Started On 16 June, 2015 Ended On 15 June, 2016

Brief Project Description

The 12 months project supported by DAI/AAWAZ and implemented by KK aimed to build the capacity of 60 change makers from different areas of KP and FATA (students, social activists, teachers, media persons and transgender) through a fellowship program on the concept of muscularity to contribute towards a peaceful and tolerant society in their respective communities. The change makers were tasked to design and implement activities to replicate the knowledge from the fellowship in their communities. A project learning document , highlighting some of the best practices, challenges encountered and methodology of the project interventions was developed  for wider dissemination of the learnt knowledge and a convention at provincial level in Peshawar was arranged to give an opportunity to the change makers to share their experiences and learning from the fellowship program.


1. To build the capacity of 60 change makers (at least 50% women) from all districts of KPto promote a tolerant, just and equitable society through a fellowship program on muscularity.

2. To engage 60 change makers (at least 50% women) from all districts of KP in peace building and gender sensitization activities.

Key Findings and Achievements

Some of the achievements of the project were;

  • The capacity of 60 individuals; men, women and transgender from all over KP and FATA was built through a fellowship program to come forward, understand  the concept of gender and muscularity to eradicate gender based violence. that would extend opportunity and enable them to become a 'Change Maker" and contribute in developing a tolerant, just and peaceful society.
  • 32 out of 60 change makers designed and implemented activities in their respective communities to replicate the learnt knowledge from the fellowship.
  • A project learning document in the form of 24 pages book titling "Accelerating change through change makers" was developed and shared with multiple stakeholders for wider discrimination of the knowledge learnt.
  • A provincial conference in Peshawar was arranged to provide the opportunity to the 60 Change makers to share their  learning  and best practices  from  the  fellowship  program  and challenges that were encountered while executing the learnt knowledge in the field.
  • A short video documentary was also developed though a hired consultant to showcase the good work in the form of their projects of some of the change makers.


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