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Voices of Minorities in Motherland ( Grantee Name : Farmers Development Organizations )

Started On 23 January, 2015 Ended On 22 January, 2016

Brief Project Description

Project aimed for establish interfaith harmony between Muslims & Minorities by investigating and advocating for the actual concerns over the present status of minorities housing and agriculture land rights. Minority groups were constituted on different tiers (like Village/ District/ Provincial). These groups were instrumentalized to secure their housing and land rights by exploring what issues – legal, social, religious lie behind and how could these be effectively resolved. Mapping research and advocacy campaign was an effort for establishing equal citizens’ rights of religious minorities.


  • To conduct the Base Line/ Mapping Research on the status of Property/Land Rights of minorities in the 5 selected districts of South Punjab  i.e. District Multan, Muzaffargarh, Khanewal, Lodhran and Bahawalpur.
  • To form and capacitate Minorities Groups in 5 Districts; 
  • To advocate/campaign for the Property/Land Rights of the Minorities through multiple means.

    Key Findings and Achievements


    FDO has identified 107 major and minor minorities communities/ settlements in the Five districts from them 25 communities were identified which has severe land rights issues at communal level. In the identified communities FDO has conducted Mapping research through mixed Participatory approach (Household questionnaire, Key Informant Interviews, FGDs, Secondary data review and case study). The findings of the research have been presented in a report.


    FDO has mobilized the identified 25 minorities’ communities and form their groups at village/ community level. Total 21 groups were formed which include residential, agricultural and communal (graveyard etc) issues to advocate their land rights issues. The issues were further categorized as reserved land, allotted land and occupied land. By joining the village level groups of each targeted district, FDO has establish District level group so that they can advocate their land rights issues at district level. FDO has capacitated the village level and district level groups with Advocacy and lobbying techniques by conducting advocacy and lobbying training in each district.  To strengthen the voices of minorities regarding their land rights issues, FDO has establish a South Punjab Forum by joining all district forums.

    For Advocacy and Lobbying purpose, FDO has developed and distribute IEC material to sensitize the community their land rights. FDO has conducted meetings with the stakeholders for advocacy and lobbying. FDO has conducted lobbying meeting along with minorities’ communities with each respective constituency level parliamentarian. To advocate the land rights issues of minorities, FDO has conducted lobbying meeting with provincial and federal relevant bureaucracy including Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Provincial Ministry for minorities Affairs and Interfaith harmony, Board of Revenue as well as minorities parliamentarians, ministers and secretaries. To strengthen the South Punjab Forum, FDO has capacitated the forum with Advocacy, Lobbying, leadership and Organizational development techniques. FDO has also linked the minorities’ forums with AAWAZ District Forums, SPO, SAP-PK and other forums. FDO conduct a provincial level conference to support and advocate the land rights of minorities and present the findings with the stakeholders.


    AAWAZ is a DFID-funded, five-year Voice and Accountability programme to strengthen civil Society

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