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Gao Suno Badlo – a musical campaign for equality, democracy and solidarity ( Grantee Name : Mishermayl Productions )

Started On 23 January, 2015 Ended On 22 July, 2015

Brief Project Description

Gao Suno Badlo was a campaign executed by DAI and Mishermayl Productions, under which a series of songs were produced with their music videos to commemorate essential constructs of equality and progress, and targeted specific ideals such as Women’s Rights, Education and Religious Intolerance. The songs with their music videos were shared on social media in the form of a proper campaign, so that the access to the inherent message could be outsourced properly. In order to also increase the engagement of this project, the songs were endorsed by celebrities and were outsourced as subscription ringtones. There was also an interface with our partners, Awaaz.


The objective of this campaign was to extract utility and tangible change through art. The change was highlighted under some of the main problems that engulf the Pakistani society, issues which hadn’t been confronted directly. The idea was to create songs and videos to better illustrate the message to the Pakistani populous, as well as endorse the field of art as a viable catalyst for the change that we as organisations work for. The fundamental benefit from this was to empower the masses to inculcate a positive thought process in dealing with these shortcomings.

Key Findings and Achievements

  • It was estimated that about 100,000 men and women will be targeted through this whole campaign by using different mediums. Mishermayl Productions managed to reach this target in the first two months through the official facebook page and the total outreach by the end of this campaign with just facebook was around 300,000/- Other social media, print and TV outreach is separate from this and adds up to millions of people who read and watch the channels
  • Our Gao Suno Badlo Campaign, though a social media campaign, but due to the music and the content of the songs it was endorsed by different TV channels and became topic of various talk shows including: Dawn. Express Tribune, The News, and The Nation, Geo , PTV, Express,  DAWN, Dunya TV, Channel 24, BBC Urdu. Articles on the specific calendar songs and overall cause of GSB were featured in DAWN, Express Tribune, The Nation and The News.
  • Our song for the International Women’s Day with its 55,000 views was widely covered by the major newspapers and made the audio beat of BBC Urdu Service on 12 February. Ali Aftab Saeed (Project Director) also appeared on PTV and discussed the Gao Suno Badlo campaign, AAWAZ programme and the contents of song. The song was performed for AAWAZ partners and at the Aurat Foundation.
  • The second song to commemorate Pakistani activist and politician Shaheed Shahbaz Bhatti was viewed over 40,000 times on social media and was endorsed by major national newspapers including Dawn. Express Tribune, The News, and The Nation, and was also featured in the audio beat of BBC Urdu Service on 12 February. This song got the most attention from media, social, TV, and print Ali Aftab Saeed also appeared on various TV Channels and discussed the GaoSunoBadlo campaign, AAWAZ programme and the contents of song. Discussions on PTV, Twice on Channel 24 with Naseem Zehra @9;30, ‘Zara Hat Kay’ on  Dawn News with Zarrar Khuro, Mubashir Zaidi and Nadeem F Paracha chose ‘Kithay reh Gaye’ as the PICK OF THE DAY, on Express News on G for Gharida, DunyaTv on Nuqt- e- Nazar with Ajmal Jami and Mujeeb ur Reham Shami.  All relevant links are given in the annexure of this report.
  • Our third song was called Mehnat Kash, which was a tribute to our workers on Labour Day. This was viewed over 38200 times on Social Media and hashtags such as #GiveTheWorkersTheirDueRewards and #IAmMehnatKash were made popular to highlight the protection and welfare that should be offered to the working class.
  • Our fourth song dealt with education and the children of Pakistan in order to commemorate International Children’s Day. The social media response was 45000 views, and sparked compelling support for a better, more informative education structure in Pakistan. #EveryChild campaign was a huge hit amongst the audience in which education and children issues related to parenting, child labour, child soldiers, child abuse, child marriages, child equality and child care were also important components of the overall message.
  • The fifth edition of the GSB campaign was structured around International Father’s Day and a song called “Meray Pyaaray Baba” was made and shared on social media which was viewed a total of more than 68000 times. The premise of this song was a father’s duty to his daughter’s wellbeing and future.
  • Our last song was for the minorities in Pakistan, which received over 59000 hits in the first two weeks of its release and a lot of social acclaim for its directness in tackling the problems faced by these individuals. This song was covered in various different national news agencies and celebrities including Dawn, The Nation, Geo TV Music  
  •  Celebrity whole heartedly endorsed the campaign and shared and promoted the song and the cause of Gao Suno Badlo with the likes of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Aseefa Bhutto, Najam Sehti, Fasi Zaka, Kamila Shamsie, Beena Sarwar, Nadia Jamil, Sakina Samo, Ajmal Jami, Nadeem F Paracha, Gul Bukhari,Palwasha Khan, Ali Gul Pir, Ali Dayan, Farahnaz Ispahani, Raza Rumi, Hassan Zaidi, Mosharraf Zaidi, Yasir Latif Hamdani, Sherry Rehman’s Office, Marvi Sirmed, Mehreen Syed, Taimur Rehman, Cybil Chaudry, Mehmal Sarfaraz and etc
  • All the song was uploaded and subscribed as a caller tune on all cellular networks including Mobilink, Warid, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor
  • As part of its sustainability GSB songs are used in AAWAZ events. Screening of songs and provision of CDs is a continuous feature of the campaign. The social pages are active and the songs are re-shared every now and then to remind and to celebrate. The page activity shows more and more people are following the pages. ‘Kaun Kehta hai mein Beyikhtiyar hoon’ and ‘Mehnat Kash’ have been used as the background score of many news reports of prominent TV channels.

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