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Identification of Barriers to Girls’ Education in Targeted Districts of South Punjab ( Grantee Name : Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) )

Started On 16 June, 2015 Ended On 15 December, 2015

Brief Project Description

SPARC carried out a research study in the three target districts to identify issues that create hurdles for the education of young girls aged 16 or less.

The research was employed through qualitative data collection tools including focus group discussions, interviews, and case studies to gather information to identify the factors inhibiting the development of the young girls. This research was undertaken by a consultant hired by SPARC, and supervised by its research manager.

The groups of direct beneficiaries were girls (aged 5- 16) in the three target districts of Multan, Bahawalpur, and Muzaffargarh in south Punjab. Indirect beneficiaries included children of all ages, as well as various stakeholders working in the field of education in the three districts.


To create a knowledge base on barriers to girls’ education in the three target districts of south Punjab

Key Findings and Achievements

  • The research study provided a holistic perspective on the reasons behind low enrolment of girls in schools. For this purpose, the research engaged all stakeholders who are directly concerned with educating the girl child, including parents, children, school principals, teachers, and officials from the district and provincial education departments.
  • SPARC conducted meetings with relevant stakeholders in the months of September, October, and November. The basic purpose of these meetings was to sensitise them on girls’ education and to establish good relationships for upcoming activities of the project in the target areas. During the project interventions, meetings were conducted with EDOs, Area Education Officers, media persons, presidents of press clubs, educationists, and a Professor of the Baha-ud-din Zakaria University.
  • SPARC organised three seminars on the findings of the research study, including two at district level and one at provincial level. More than 250 people actively participated in these seminars. The majority of participants were from education departments, representatives of NGOs/INGOs, professors, and representatives of the Social Welfare Department. Federal Minister Balighur Rehman also participated as a chief guest.
  • A research report on the identification of barriers to girls’ education was printed in both English and Urdu, and disseminated in relevant government and non-government organisations and academic institutes.
  • Print media sensitised and highlighted the research findings in local and national newspapers.

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