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Innovative Tele-health Facilities in District Muzaffargarh ( Grantee Name : HANDS )

Started On 05 May, 2016 Ended On 20 December, 2016

Brief Project Description

Tele-health diagnostics and clinical consultation services are being provided at five selected BHUs. The backend hub is established at DHQ/THQ/RHC Muzaffargarh. A total of 17,000 patients of all ages will be examined and provided specialised medical advice during the six-month period of the project. An average of 30 patients who require specialised diagnostic and investigative intervention will be managed daily using tele-health and biomedical sensing in especially established centers for this purpose, equipped with innovative remote healthcare gadgets.


The purpose of tele-health care services is to facilitate in improving the access of rural clients to the appropriate diagnostic and clinical services. For these services, public sector health facilities have been selected. The selected Rural Health Center (RHC) will serve as a hub at the backend and consultative specialised services will given by medical specialists already serving at the District Headquarter (DHQ). For community services, first level care facilities such as BHUs have been selected.


To provide latest innovations in the field of tele-health for remote diagnostics in 5 BHUs of District Muzaffargarh using modern communication tools

Key Findings and Achievements

The tele-health project at its initial stage currently, but a few of its achievements and challenges are mentioned below:


  • Assessment and finalisation of six e-health centers;
  • Conducting meetings and close coordination with the line department;
  • All IT equipment handed over at the BHU and hub to Medical Officers (MOs);
  • During installation of IT equipments at e-centers, an orientation was given to all concerned staff/ paramedics/ family physicians/ MOs and tele-health staff;
  • Services are going on at the six e-centers.


  • Proper operating of equipment by e-center staff;
  • Internet connectivity at BHU level;
  • Acceptance of community;
  • Security risk of equipment at e-centers;
  • No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) from district administration.

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