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Identifying Impediments to Girls’ Education ( Grantee Name : Children’s Global Network Pakistan (Guarantee) Ltd. )

Started On 01 June, 2016 Ended On 30 November, 2016

Brief Project Description

The project aimed to undertake a qualitative research study in the four aforementioned target districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It sought to acquire data and insights to identify impediments to girls’ education through qualitative data collection tools designed for each target group. These tools and target groups included focus group discussions (FGDs) tool for parents of enrolled, out-of-school, and dropout girls; and in-depth interviews (IDIs) tool for District Education Officers (DEO), Assistant Education Officers (AEO), and Head Teachers of girls’ middle and secondary schools. The study also included case studies’ analyses of dropout and out-of-school girls from target districts.


To carry out a qualitative research study in the four target districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in order to identify impediments to girls’ education and contribute to the knowledge base to stimulate a debate at the national level on how to overcome barriers to girls’ education in Pakistan

Key Findings and Achievements

The project helped in finding out the causes that contribute to low rates of girls’ enrolment in schools, the factors which cause girls to have higher dropout rates, and the possible measures that could be taken by the community, parents, teachers, and district education departments to help increase their enrolment and retention in schools up till the secondary level.

The study also benefitted a wide range of stakeholders concerned with education at all levels in Pakistan, particularly the policy makers, public and private research institutes, and organisations involved in education policy consultation and policy making.

Since the project included qualitative research on identifying the barriers to girls’ education, multiple beneficiaries within academia including higher education institutions, universities, researchers, as well as donor agencies and organisations working in the education sector of Pakistan were all indirect beneficiaries of the research findings.


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