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Programme Outputs

Women And Other Excluded Groups Better Able To Demand Improved Delivery Of Services

In the existing top-down patronage-based system of planning and service delivery the priorities and legitimate demands and of citizens, particularly those from the poor and marginalized sections of society, are not being met. This phenomenon is further accentuated by social divisions along the lines of gender, class, ethnicity and religion, creating a vicious cycle of non-articulation and deprivation that promotes social divisions and exclusion. Consequently, socially marginalized-women, religious minorities, peasants and ordinary workers have little access to the decision-making, policy formulation and resource allocation processes,which in turn serves to perpetuate poverty, injustice and deprivation.

Activities under Output 3 are designed to address the lack of responsiveness of public sector services tolocal conditions, especially in the education and health sectors; and are guided by the imperatives of a just, transparent and equitable system of governance.



The Programme


Against this backdrop, Output 3 of the AAWAZ programme seeks to introduce and strengthen inclusive and accountable democratic processes by supporting accountability by citizens of all governing tiers of the services provided, including the allocation of budgets and the decision-making process. Engagement of citizens in the programme covers a cross cutting thematic area and is guided by an inclusive approach. Citizens are encouraged through different mechanisms and tools to openly engage, participate and raise their voice for their rights, while demanding accountability and transparency in governance structures and processes. Our emphasis on mutual accountability shall guide us as we work with our partners and beneficiaries to identify shared interests and build constructive relationships with government by seeking collaboration to the maximum extent possible.


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AAWAZ is a DFID-funded, five-year Voice and Accountability programme to strengthen civil Society

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